Volunteer to help a Sighthound- lurcher, whippet, saluki, greyhounds and many more

Hounds First relies on the help of our lovely volunteers. Volunteers are always needed to home check, transport, foster and fundraise. Please read on if you want to know more. You can find a link to our Volunteer Application form at the bottom of this page.



Fundraising is an essential part of rescue. The more we raise, the more dogs we can help.

We fundraise in several ways:

  • Meet and Greets- If you can spare a few hours a month we would love for your help at a meet and greet. A meet involves coming along with a dog (If you have one), meeting the public, answering any questions that they may have about sighthounds and also collecting any donations that are offered. They can be a great social event!
  • Fundraising stalls- Could you make something for us to sell on our stall at shows? Or would you like to help on one occasionally?
  • Events- These can include dog shows, online dog shows and sponsored events.

Any help is much appreciated!



Fostering is very important. Without foster carers we cannot take dogs.

The role of the fosterer is to look after Hounds First dogs in the same way as you would your own dogs until we find him/her a new home. During their time in foster care all dogs, if not previously done, will be wormed, microchipped, neutered (if old enough) and vaccinated. Hounds first will cover the cost of all of this and any vet bills incurred whilst in your care.

You will have our support and full back up at all times.

TO apply to FOSTER please click HERE.


Home checking

All of our adopters are home checked before adoption, and our foster carers are home checked before fostering. This is to ensure that all Hounds First dogs end up in safe, loving homes.

Home checking involves going out to an applicants home, meeting all the residents of the house and their pets. We provide you with a home check questionnaire to go through which needs to be completed and returned to us together with your thoughts. You do not make a decision on whether the adopter passes or fails, however you do make recommendations to us.

No experience is needed, we will guide you through it.


To apply to be a general volunteer please Click here