The Dogs BFF Award Course

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The Dogs BFF Award Course

All Hounds First adopters complete the Dog’s BFF Course as part of the adoption process and the cost is covered the adoption donation.

Here at Hounds First we feel that ALL dog owners and people that spend time with dogs should do it!

Would you like to understand your dog better and be able to read his body language, but don’t want to study long-term to gain a qualification? Then the Dogs BFF Award is for you!

Dogs are our Best Friends, and this short course aims to help you to be a Best Friend Forever to the dogs in your life. You’ll receive a 73 page course textbook in PDF format and a multiple choice questionnaire to complete and return after you’ve read the book. After your questionnaire has been assessed, you will receive The Dog’s BFF Award

and it only costs £9.99!

For more information about the course and the authors please visit

If you are adopting from Hounds First please wait until we send you the course ourselves as part of the process.