The battle between the head and the heart

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The battle between the head and the heart

We are asked to help dogs every single day. We get calls, emails and get tagged in posts on Facebook begging for help. We can’t help every single one and sadly we have to say no on a regular basis. People post ‘Someone, PLEASE do something’. We would if we could…

Take this email for example (some details have been removed);

I have been asked to find a rescue to help a lurcher that we currently have in our kennels. The dog was seized after being used in illegal coursing. The Police were unable to take the dog into their kennels as evidence. The only other option I have is to put the dog to sleep on day eight and I would rather not have to do this.

My heart is saying lets take the dog in, lets save her from being PTS. Lets give her a chance. Head is saying we can’t. We don’t have a spare foster home available and don’t have the funds to take in anymore then we already have.

I would love to listen to my heart and save every dog that we can, however we would soon have no funds and would be in big trouble.

So, if we say no to your email or your tag on facebook please don’t feel that we are letting you down. We will always help where we can and believe me- saying no is hard.