Zuleika- Happy Ending

Zuleika- Happy Ending

Zuleika (feathered tri colour Saluki x)- Adopted by Abby.

Zuleika was the one that broke the mould… she was our 14th foster dog (we vowed never to ‘fail’). I practically begged Hounds First Sighthound Rescue to let us foster her as she was so similar to a Saluki type we had fostered for another rescue the winter before.

Within an hour of seeing her plea for a foster, everything was sorted to collect her the next day. She arrived a very, very timid reserved little girl, but within 4 days we were all hooked – and she began to show trust. She got on perfectly with our 4 resident rescue boys, and we have never seen them ALL approve so highly of a foster.

That was it….they made the decision for us, and she will never leave. She is full of mischief around the house….she has a penchant for shoes, and has chewed various things from the table to coasters and books, but she is getting better every week. She ADORES running at the fastest speed she can manage. She also loves water. And food. She is still very wary of people out and about but is getting braver all the time.

She is a complete cuddle monster and will push into you for cuddles, or will nibble your hair/ears. She also likes to drape herself over any other dogs sharing the sofa with her. A lovable loon – and a rather pretty one at that!