Beetle- Happy Ending

Beetle- Happy Ending

Beetle- Adopted by Louise

We all know a dog is for life and not just for Christmas and so Santa had to do a lot of extra paperwork to enable us to adopt Hounds First Beetle (was Benny) on 27th December 2014.  From the very moment we saw him, from the very first sick in our car, we were completely smitten.  Like teenagers in love, we find ourselves just staring at him – which is frankly embarrassing behaviour from a pair of 40 some things!

Beetle meanwhile is slowly, slowly catching the monkey.  Gradually, so we don’t really notice it happening, he is beginning to rule the roost. He gave short shrift to my “No Whippets On The Bed” rule. If it’s not in a cupboard, he will thieve it.  If it’s not above Whippet height, he will chew it. And to be frank, if it’s even remotely available, he will hump it.  The list of collateral damage is endless – Thursday nights’ pork medallions, a choc biscuit (I had to ring vet in panic – was he going to die…???  Apparently not!), a childhood knitted finger puppet (retrieved) various socks/pants/bras (mostly retrieved), a lampshade (several lamps, several times), a razor (complete with blade IN HIS MOUTH), various pencils and pens (eaten), two jumpers (one being a Joseph 100% cashmere jumper, demonstrating his excellent taste), my GLASSES!!! (retrieved despite the added complication of not being able to see), countless toilet rolls (never retrieved, unless you count picking it up as snow), the computer monitor cable (could have killed himself!  Pure luck it was not the electric!!! I was horrified)….Regardless of all this, nothing stops us gazing doe eyed at him.  Not the “not-again”-incidents involving something unspeakable from a foxy dog’s bottom, Whippety body-grinding behind the ears, and the smug Chanel-No-5-face that follows. Not even last night’s trip to the log store, the un-seen Whippet poo mountain and tracking it with Vanish carpet cleaner across the cream living room carpet.

And the joys of the little Whippety thing?! I have seen sun rises that I would NEVER have been up for, I have been out walking on breathtakingly beautiful sub-zero, frosty mornings when I would have been in bed. I have be-friended neighbours and other dog owners that I would never have met.  Chris and I have spent weekends walking together, instead of separately running from one chore to the next. We have all been back to (puppy) skool and learnt something new.  AND I have walked off 6lbs!!!!!  Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

I am so grateful to Hounds First for sending us the skinny, scared, 5-homes-in-6-months-Benny (prior to arriving in HF care) and giving us the oh so happy, friendly, NAUGHTY, delightful and breathtakingly gorgeous Beetle Bug!!