Become a Foster Carer

Become a Foster Carer

Hounds First is a foster based rescue. This means that the majority of our dogs are kept in foster homes until they find their forever home. We are always looking for new foster carers to help us. Find out more about Fostering below.

What does fostering a dog involve?

When you foster, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home and give him or her love, care and attention until the dog is adopted.

By providing a foster home, you’re providing a stable, loving environment for a dog that may have been neglected and abandoned. You may also be providing socialisation, and basic training, that will give our dogs a great start to their new life. Foster carers save lives.

“Fostering is an unwritten chapter of a great novel. The start is unknown, the middle is the journey and the end is an emotional climax. We take these dogs in to our homes never truly knowing what to expect. The work then starts- you build trust between you and your foster, give them stability and love. You watch them grow and blosom. There are days of frustration and days of great fun. There are challanges along the way but we always have back up and advice from Hounds First and other foster carers.

The day then comes for them to go to their forever home. A mixed emotion day happiness, sadness, pride  and satisfaction. YOU have made a huge difference to the foster dog and to the new owners lives. Its a very special and rewarding experience.” By Noreen Wall, Hounds First foster carer.

What do you need to be a good foster carer?life

This bit is simple-

  • Love
  • Care
  • Understanding
  • Patience

Where do you need to live?

  • Anywhere within England, Scotland or Wales

What do Hounds First provide?

  • We cover the cost of all veterinary care
  • We pay for the dogs food
  • We supply you with equipment such as crates, beds, collars, leads etc if needed.
  • We give you round the clock support
  • We can also pay for dog trainers and behaviourists.

I have Children and other pets, does this prevent me from fostering?

  • The short answer is no. We have many foster carers who have children and other pets. If you have children we will only place a dog with you that has a known history. If you have other pets then we will make sure that the dog will be ok with your other pets.

Foster carers are supported by the Trustees, the Foster Carer Liasion Officer and by other Foster Carers. We also have a private Facebook group set up just for our foster carers. Foster carers have 24 hour support and can always get a Trustee by phone in an urgent situation.

‘The support we get here is amazing and being able to speak to the trustees and other foster carers is great, even if it’s for a whinge and a moan ha! Its more than just fostering it’s like we are a part of a family, everyone is in it together.’ By Milly Brierley Hounds First Foster Carer.

“Foster Carers are truly part of a supportive family/ network that does what it says on the tin – Hounds First. Full support is given. Fosterers can expect to learn ‘on the job’ and be part of making a difference to hounds lives. You also meet kind, like minded people along the way. ” Michelle Jermy, Hounds First Foster Carer.

“Volunteering has helped me personally come through depression and come to terms with my injuries. I have  made so many new friends and acquaintances. I have had some extremely rewarding times (some challenging and sad), and I know some of the little bits that i have done have made big differences to people and dogs alike. Rescue is a team effort and Hounds First are a great team.” Andy Parkes, Hounds First Foster Carer 

If you would like to volunteer to foster please complete the form below. Please read our Foster Guide (click here)  first.