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Everyone has preferences when it comes to choosing a dog. Some like their pure whippets, Greyhounds or salukis, and some prefer lurchers. Some like smooth coated lurchers, some like broken coated dogs and some like rough coated lurchers.

I totally understand that everyone has an idea in their head of the dog that they want to own, and i also understand that we are naturally drawn to some dogs over others. I get it.

However it fustrates me endlessly that broken and rough coated lurchers get so much more interest then smooth coated lurchers. For example- a recent post about a broken coated lurcher pup got 631 likes and 69 shares, while our smooth coated lurcher pup got 185 likes and 27 shares.  We received over 35 applications for Iona, a rough coated bitch, yet Woody is still waiting for a single suitable application. Poor Woody- he is beautiful! Also as he has a short smooth coat he will get far less muddy, wet and smelly then dogs like Iona will 😉 .

Under their fur coat they are all the same. They are still dogs desperate for love and attention. They are still dogs who need homes. Maybe sometimes we should get rid of the picture of the perfect dog that is in our head, and go out and fall in love with a dogs soul? We should look past their fur.

People write to us saying they are desperate to adopt, yet then stipulate that they want a small rough coated lurcher with a grey or white coat- they get fustrated as they find themselves ‘competing’ against many other adopters, and say that they are worried that they will never find a dog. Well i can understand the fustration, however they are limiting themselves by having their sights set on a certain type.

When i went wedding dress shopping i had an idea about the perfect wedding dress. I had a list of what i did and didn’t want. I tried on every single one of those dresses and they didn’t look right, and then the shop assistant bought in a dress that i had ignored in my quest for the perfect dress. That dress ended up being the perfect dress for me.

So, i challenge you to look at every dog we have that needs a home. Read what we say about them, see if the write up sounds like they may be suitable for you and then look at the photo. Think outside of the box, after all our perfect dog (or our perfect wedding dress!) may not be the one we thought it was.