Nation of dog lovers?

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Nation of dog lovers?

Meet Sammy and Ella. Two girls who found themselves in a pound a week ago and faced being put to sleep. They are safe now with Hounds First.

You can see by the photos that they are in a pretty poor state. They are riddled with worms, covered in cuts, sores and mange. The pound felt that they were only around 6 months old, however the vet and the DOB on a microchip (owner untraceable) has shown that these girls are over a year old. Their puppy like behaviour and looks are down to neglect and malnutrition.

I wish that i could say that these are a one off. I wish i could say that this is rare, but Sammy and Ella are just two dogs out of thousands in pounds up and down the UK.  111000 dogs were found straying in the UK last year. Some of those number were lucky enough to be loved, and were reclaimed by their owners, 7000 were put to sleep. The rest ended up in rescues.

Sadly though most rescues are at capacity. As we home one we squeeze another in, but feel sad for the dogs that we turn down.

The figures above are just talking about strays. It does not take into account the number of dogs found dead. The number of dogs PTS by owners for behavioural issues. The number put down by some of the larger rescue organisations.

The most abandoned types of dogs? Staffies, ‘Snow breeds’ (huskys etc) and Sighthounds. So many neglected, abandoned and without homes. Yet look on the free ads and there are litter after litter being advertised. It can’t carry on!

I feel for those who have a genuine problem and need to rehome their dogs, because they go from rescue to rescue being told the same thing ‘Sorry no room’. What happens to those dogs? Some must be PTS, many end up on the free ads where they can be at serious risk.

It is heartbreaking and nothing will change until people start taking dog ownership more seriously, and more controls are put on breeding. Rescues, MP’s, Councils, Dog breed groups, the Kennel club and dog owners need to pull together to start building a good future for the nations dogs.