Greyhound Racing- The facts

Greyhound Racing- The facts

Hounds First Sighthound Rescue is against Greyhound Racing. This page has some facts on Greyhound racing, and also addresses some of the pro racing arguments that are put forward by those who support the sport. Please do not worry, there are no nasty images on this page. However some people will find some of the information upsetting.

The Facts;

  • Around 25,000 greyhound pups are registered every year in the British Isles. Many more are born and not registered.
  • Over 10,000 greyhounds ‘vanish’ each year. We know that most of these are killed due to not making the grade required for racing.
  • Injuries during racing are very common. Deaths are also seen both on and off of the track.
  • Off the track most racing greyhounds are kept in small cages or kennels for up to 23 hours a day with limited interaction.
  • Some trainers will drug their greyhounds
  • Greyhounds are often killed by captive bolt. The RCVS says that captive bolts should not be used on dogs and when used incorrectly dogs can be left to die a slow very painful death.
  • Greyhounds can be denied essential veterinary care, and many are left with untreated injuries, dental problems and parasites.
  • When Greyhounds finish their racing life greys face an uncertain future. The lucky ones find their way into rescue, or are rehomed direct from the trainers. Many are killed.
  • Greyhound racing is a self regulated industry- self regulation does not work.

Pro racing Arguments

       1. If racing was banned then greyhounds would become extinct as no one would breed them.

Yes there would be a huge drop in the numbers of Greyhounds bred, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. They wouldn’t become extinct as there will always be breeders who do not breed their dogs to race.

      2. Some trainers really love and care for their dogs.

It would be wrong of us to try and claim that all trainers are bad. Some trainers do love and care for their dogs really well. However these trainers are the minority, and greyhounds belonging to these trainers are still at risk of injury and even death when on the tracks.

      3. Greyhounds are born to run and love racing.

There is a huge difference between racing and letting a dog enjoy a good run in a field. Dogs may look like they are enjoying themselves whilst on the track, but sadly this is not the case. Stress levels are often high, the dogs can be scared, hungry and struggling to to previous injuries. The majority of their life is a sad existence.

     4. If racing was banned then it would push the sport underground and away from regulation.

Flapping tracks (unregulated tracks) already exist. Sadly there will be those that continue to race outside of the law, however the majority of people will respect the law.

Whilst we are anti racing, we are not a campaigning organisation and have to focus on our charitable aims which are to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sighthounds. So for more information on Greyhound racing, or to find out more about what you can do to help bring an end to racing, please visit Action for Greyhounds Caged Northwest or Greyt Exploitations