The Export of Greyhounds From Ireland to Macau

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The Export of Greyhounds From Ireland to Macau

Hounds First Sighthound Rescue are horrified to have been informed that 24 Greyhounds are leaving the UK to be transported to Macau (China) this evening. The greyhounds originally came from Ireland and sadly are not the first to face this fate.

The track in Macau- Yat Yuen Canidrome has an appalling welfare record and it is said that no Greyhound leaves the track alive. It is thought that the majority of the Greyhounds end up being sold in the Chinese meat trade.

We join other animal welfare organisations such as the Dogs Trust, Greyhound Gap, BGP, Caged North West, and GRWE in urging the IGB, The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and airline carriers to put an end to this deplorable trade in misery.

We send our full support to the organisations and individuals campaigning at Manchester Airport this evening and hope that the export of 24 Greyhounds this evening is prevented.