Worzels Book

Worzels Book

“Buy Worzel Wooface – my quite very actual book.¬†Every copy sold raises funds for Hounds First”

Worzel Wooface – making the news and star of his own ‘quite very actual book.’

wooqOur very own Worzel who was adopted in January 2014, has been creating quite a storm in recent weeks ever since he published his first book! You didn’t know lurchers could write? Well, Worzel (with a little help from his mum, Catherine Pickles) has written an account of his first year in his forever home with hilarious results.

Featured in the September edition of Dogs Monthly and with appearances on radio and in the newspapers Worzel and his unique perspective on life is a must-have book for any dog lover. You’ll never look at your dog in quite the same way again!

Reviews for the book, which is on sale via Amazon, have been incredibly positive but best of all – every single copy sold raises money for Hounds First.

You can get your copy of his book by clicking here.

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