Whisper and Willow

Whisper and Willow

Whisper and Willow are 7 year old whippet sisters who came into our care in 2013 after a change in their owners circumstances. Both girls have costly health conditions and are also so closely bonded, so it was decided foster together for the rest of their lives. Your sponsorship will go towards paying their high monthly bills and will ensure that they continue to have the very best treatment possible. The girls are in foster in Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire where they are enjoying life with their wonderful foster mum Tracy.

Tracy says; ‘Whisper and Willow are as different in character as they are in looks , but like cheese and pineapple they compliment each other perfectly.

Willow is ever the ‘showman’ enjoying being the star of the show and loves to ‘perform’ by throwing her toys in the air and shaking and squeaking them and is very vocal ! She always wants to please and is would lick you to death given the chance.

Whisper is the most laid back character you could meet, she takes everything in her stride and lets Willow do what ever she likes, unless it is to take her favourite toy or treat that is and then she will put her paw down! She likes to lie in wait and pounce on Willow, which makes me smile every time as Willow looks like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh putting up with Tigger, you can imagine her saying ” I’ve been pounced …”.

Whisper lets you know if you have ignored her for too long by batting you on the back of your legs with a paw,which is done whenever I am doing the washing up, if she wants a fuss she will just quietly do a little “rrrr” and look at you soulfully. If it is a cuddle she wants she has a unique way of slithering her front half on to your lap and then just waits for you to pull her up and then lies like a baby in your arms- much to Willow’s disgust!

They are a joy to have and it is sometimes easy to forget they have such health issues as they are such happy dogs. I will be ever grateful to Hounds First for agreeing to take them in their care and allow me the pleasure of looking after them.”


Whisper- In November 2012 Whisper developed Renal failure. She was admitted to a specialist renal vet hospital and was kept for 3 weeks to treat her. She lost a lot of weight and was at deaths door, it was touch and go however, with careful treatment, diet and lots of TLC she rallied and today you would not know that she had been at deaths door.

Whisper remains on daily medication and on a special diet and at the moment is very fit and healthy. We are hoping that she remains in this condition for years to come yet! However we have to be very careful as we do not want her to head into the final stage of renal failure.

Willow- Willow has suffered from epileptic fits since she was 2 years old. It is not known why these started. She underwent several tests when with her previous owner to try and determine the cause, however nothing showed up. Willow is on medication for life and this has reduced her fits to approximately 2 per year. Willow  takes 2 x epiphen twice a day, 1 keppra twice a day and 1 Libromide once per day.

Willow also suffers with occasional Pancreatitis, and this is brought on by eating fatty foods. She is on a special diet and can only have special low fat treats occasionally.

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