Introduction to training

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Introduction to training

Owning a dog is wonderful. It can be so rewarding. However it can also be hard work, confusing and frustrating. Our dogs depend on us to socialise and train them. How can they know how to behave in the house, or out on walks if we don’t guide them?

Training should always be a positive, fun experience. Your dog should not be made to feel threatened or scared. It should enjoy the experience, as should you. If you are having fun and the dog is having fun then you both will learn so much more. If a book or trainer tells you to smack your dog, stare in its eyes, force it into a corner or do an ‘alpha roll’ then you need to be binning the book, or walking away from the trainer. Dogs need gentle training, rewards and encouragement.

The Hounds First Team are always willing to give advice on training and behaviour. You can contact us through the website contact page.

This section will soon be populated with lots of great tips about dog training and links to fantastic trainers.