Abandoned Puppies

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Abandoned Puppies


On Friday 8th of January 2016 we were alerted to a litter of puppies who had been dumped on the side of a country lane in Thornecombe, Dorset.

The puppies (3 bitches and 1 dog) were picked up and taken to Rachels (one of our Trustees) house where it became obvious that the pups were very poorly. We notified the West Dorset Dog Warden and took the puppies to our vets where they were diagnosed as having a large worm burden, eye infections and mange. The poor puppies were also very depressed and totally shut down. They are thought to be around 14 weeks old.

The puppies are now recovering in foster with Rachel and will be looking for homes once they are back to health physically and mentally which will be a while yet.

We, alongside the West Dorset Dog Warden are appealing for information to trace the breeder of the puppies. We also need to find their Mum and check on her welfare. Any information can be emailed to [email protected]

If you would like to donate towards their ongoing veterinary costs then please go to www.houndsfirst.co.uk/donate

Thank you.


We are no longer taking applications for these puppies.