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The Dogs BFF Award Course

Have you heard of The Dogs BFF Award Course? We have recently been told about this short course for all dog owners, and two of our Trustees decided to have a go and we feel that ALL dog owners and people that spend time with dogs should do it! Would[…]

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Canine Body Language

It is SO important that EVERYONE who spends time with dogs, owns a dog, or works with a dog understands canine body language. When a dog is scared GIVE IT SPACE. Please memorise what is on this poster and share with your friends- it may prevent dogs from being put[…]

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Choosing a dog trainer

Did you know that dog training is an unregulated industry? Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer or behaviourist. They do not have to have experience or qualifications. This means that the dog trainer that you pick could be anyone. Google dog trainer, there are thousands and thousands of[…]

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